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About Elstar


Established in 2003, serving the off-road dirt bike and ATV community for over a decade, Elstar prides itself on its exceptional customer service, quality of product, and unique after-sale service.

Elstar was founded by Eric Cai in 2003, with the aim of providing customers with affordable motorcycles, ATVs and electric scooters. Over the past decade it has rapidly grown and expanded. Elstar today offers 15 different models of dirt bikes and ATV’s, a range of parts, accessories, and a farm trailer.

Establishing itself as a leader in the field, Elstar has made a favourable impression on the riding community, with many loyal customers trusting Elstar to meet their off-road needs. Many buyers return, not only for the incomparable after care servicing, but also for their next much-anticipated purchase.

While other competitors may boast deals too good to be true, Elstar strives to provide its customer with a product that is of an exceptional standard. All products are meticulously designed and made by a reputable manufacturer in China and imported to Sydney, Australia. Eric Cai (Business Operation Manager) and Michael Lindsay (Chief Mechanic) work closely with manufacturers to ensure that the end product is one of absolute quality.

Elstar operates on a retail and wholesale platform. We distribute to an extensive network of dealers across Australia. These dealers are expertly skilled to meet all of your needs. Alongside this, products can be purchased, and freighted to your front door!

We do our utmost to ensure our customers receive exceptional service. Being a business with a small team you’re guaranteed to always deal with a motivated, friendly staff member. Over the past 5 years we have expanded our after-sale service. We offer full service and repair on Elstar products, or other motorbikes or ATVs. We boast an inventory of spare parts of over $100,000, and are only too happy to assist you.

2015, has been an exciting year for Elstar. We have designed, manufactured and imported an exciting new product – a motorised Drift Trike. Looking ahead, we aim to continue to provide exceptional service to our customers, new and existing, and can’t wait to bring more cutting-edge products to you in the future.

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